The Best Places To View Fall Leaves In Rhode Island

Fall has arrived in Rhode Island and thus begins the annual cleanup of our yards. Of all the things on your fall checklist, raking leaves should be at the top. Fall is also a time to get out of the house and experience some of the great natural spaces our state has to offer. Autumn in Rhode Island is like nowhere else in the country. Our parks and landscapes transform into something you can’t experience in any other season. Tourists flood in from all over the county to watch our annual display of fall foliage. But as a resident of this great state, do you know the best places to view fall leaves in Rhode Island? Our state may be small be it offers a lot of places for the nature enthusiast to feel at home. Now is the time of year to get out and explore all your state has to offer and visit some of the beautiful parks and open spaces and appreciate Mother Nature.

Roger Williams Park

Roger Williams Park was established in 1871 after Betsey Williams gave 102 acres of her property to the city of Providence to be used for public purposes. Part of that property belonged to her great, great, great grandfather and Rhode Island founder, Roger Williams. Today, the park today offers something for everyone; expansive manicured grounds, recreational ponds, public gardens, extensive walkways, tennis courts, ball fields, playgrounds, public art, and the Roger Williams Park Zoo. To learn more about the local history, there are several historic buildings maintained by the park, including the Bandstand, Museum of Natural History, Botanical Center, Temple to Music, and the Casino.

Newport Cliff Walk

Are you looking for a nice scenic stroll along the shore? The Newport Cliff Walk offers breathtaking views of the ocean along with magnificent Gilded Age architecture. The park was designated in 1975 and runs 3.5 miles. If you are looking for a more relaxing walk then check out the northern trails. If you are looking for a challenge that includes hopping over rocks and scrambling over rough terrain, then head for the southern trails. Be on the lookout for poison ivy which grows in abundance off the trails. Newport Cliff Walk is one of the top attractions in Rhode Island and is visited by a quarter-million people annually. 

The Old Slater Mill

Completed in 1793 by Samuel Slater, the Slater mill is famously known as the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution. The mill was the first water-powered cotton-spinning mill in the U.S. The Old Slater Mill Association was founded in 1921 to preserve and restore the mill to its former glory.  Since then, the site became a tourist destination for those fall travelers looking for a bit of history. The museum features 24 original textile machines from the late 1700s. The interior beams and style have been restored and preserved so anyone can feel like they stepped into the past.  There are two other historic buildings on the site; the 1810 Wilkinson Mill and the 1758 Sylvanus Brown House. Visitors can tour the Wilkinson Mill where you can see the lathe and the old machinery operating as it did 200 hundred years ago and powered by the original 16,000-pound waterwheel that still powers the machinery inside.

Goddard Park

Attracting thousands of visitors each year, Goddard Park is one of Rhode Island’s most visited parks. The park offers sprawling fields and trees from all over the world. The park boasts 62 deciduous trees and 19 evergreen species. For the outdoor enthusiast, the park boasts a beautiful nine-hole golf course, equestrian shows, riding trails, picnic areas, a performing arts center that can be rented for events, and 11 sports fields.

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