Additional Services

Tree and Shrub Program

4everGreen’s plant specialists are trained to recognize and treat a variety of diseases, pests, and other issues that affect your trees and shrubs. Our program is designed to protect your investments from pests such as:

  • Japanese beetles
  • June bugs
  • Bagworms
  • Spider mites
  • Aphids

4everGreen offers safe, effective, and convenient pest control at an affordable price. With our Plant Health program, your trees and shrubs will last for generations.

Core Aeration and Overseeding:

Compacted soil and thatch buildup under your grass can cause a lot of problems for your lawn. Compacted soil prevents air, water, and nutrients from getting down to the roots. This causes your grass to essentially suffocate resulting in yellow or dead patches in your yard.

Core Aeration

Core aeration is performed by a machine that pulls plugs of sod from your lawn. These holes loosen the soil, break up thatch, and allow oxygen and water to penetrate deeper.

Benefits of Core Aeration
  • Improves the effectiveness of fertilizer
  • Eliminates pooling water
  • Promotes stronger roots
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • More resistant to drought
  • Breaks down thatch buildup
Benefits of Overseeding
  • Reduced erosion
  • Improved appearance
  • More resistant to drought and diseases

(Done Labor Day through Halloween)

Liquid Aeration

  • Liquid aeration creates fractures within the soil and encourages greater rooting.
  • With liquid aerate the soil structure is split at a much smaller scale, allowing for deep penetration of water; roots will, in turn, follow, making nutrients available that were previously unreachable by the plant.
  • Liquid aeration can be done anytime during the growing season.
  • Liquid aeration covers the entire lawn.
  • There is no need to mark sprinkler heads, invisible fences or cable lines.

The goal of aerating a lawn is to get more oxygen, water, and nutrients into the root zone. Improving the aeration within the soil is especially beneficial to lawns that are growing in clay or compacted soils.

Fungicide/Micronutrient Package

Curative or preventative broad-spectrum fungicide that helps to reduce pressure from dollar spot, red thread, leaf spot, and several other common lawn disease problems as well as improving the color, density and root growth in your lawn.

Corrective Lime Treatment

Although we apply a small amount of lime as part of our standard lawn care program, sometimes lawns need a heavy application of lime to correct the pH balance in your soil.

Deer and Rabbit Repellent With Everguard™ Pro Repellents:

Tired of deer and rabbits eating your flowers and shrubs? Everguard™ Deer and Rabbit Repellent, designed and used daily by our commercial spray service, has proven to be a safe, extremely effective deterrent against deer and rabbits.

Make the switch to 4everGreen today and make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

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