Lawn Care in Warwick, Rhode Island

The city of Warwick is gifted with sandy beaches, lush tree canopies, and villages that look like a postcard come to life. 4everGreen is proud to add to the beauty—and envy—of this coastal community by delivering superior lawn care services across the board.

Our Services

  • Full-service lawn care programs—your choice of standard or 100% organic
  • Mosquito, flea, and tick control
  • Tree and shrub care program
  • Lawn aeration—your choice of core or liquid aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Fungicide treatments
  • Corrective lime application
  • No-harm deer and rabbit repellent

What makes our lawn care services unmatched is our dedication to provide customers with personalized solutions to whatever their lawn may need. We offer a FREE property analysis to:

  • Determine your lawn’s soil and grass types.
  • Identify weeds, pests, and diseases that need treatment.
  • Present you with options that work best for your lawn and budget.

By having us take care of your lawn and pest control needs, you’ll get a beautiful outdoor space along with plenty of time to enjoy it. Contact us today!

Lawn Care in Warwick

Having never been fans of a one-size-fits-all approach, our lawn care programs are crafted to meet your particular expectations. This includes offering a 100% organic program, targeted weed control, and insect treatments. Check out our lawn care programs in Warwick:

    • Flagship Lawn Care Program – 6 rounds of lawn fertilization, weed control, and grub control.
    • 100% Organic Lawn Care Program – 4 organic fertilizer treatments and a lime application.
  • Need Something Different? We work with you to create a customized lawn care package for your turf, starting with a free property analysis. Call to learn more!

Our lawn care programs guarantee a noticeable difference in your lawn’s health and quality. If you’re not fully satisfied, we will work on the issue until you are!

Mosquito, Flea, and Tick Control in Warwick

Investing in professional mosquito control and flea and tick control is more than a matter of how much your family can tolerate these profoundly irritating pests. Mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks carry some of the world’s most serious diseases. Not to mention these outdoor killjoys are responsible for heartworm and tapeworm transfers to your beloved pets! 

Mosquito Control

Our Mosquito Control Program does more than shoo mosquitoes away from your property. Our mosquito treatments eradicate them completely by:

  • Administering 3 annual applications, re-spraying every 50-60 days.
  • Coating your lawn and treating the perimeter of your property with focus on trees, shrubs, and other mosquito hot spots.
  • Using the most effective mosquito control products while keeping the environment safe for the whole family.

Flea and Tick Control

Our Flea and Tick Control Program eliminates these leeching insects from your property by treating their favorite spots to live and breed. We apply our powerful flea and tick control methods to these areas, and remove all risk of them hitching a ride into your home or spreading disease.

Additional Services

When you want more than basic lawn maintenance, you don’t need to look further than 4everGreen. Our goal to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood is supported by an all-encompassing suite of lawn care services, from lawn aeration to tree and shrub care to protecting your gardens from nibbling animals.

Other Services

  • Tree and Shrub Care Program – protects against disease and pests.
  • Core and Liquid Lawn Aeration – opens soil to receive air, water, and nutrients crucial for grass growth.
  • Corrective Lime Treatment – improves soil health.
  • Fungicide/Micronutrient Package – prevents and treats lawn disease while strengthening your grass.
  • Deer and Rabbit Repellent – no-harm deterrent for deer, rabbits, and other garden pests.

To learn more about what we offer, give us a call!