3 Trees to Plant to Achieve Scenic Fall Colors

3 Trees to Plant to Achieve Scenic Fall Colors

The scenic roads of Rhode Island are covered with the most beautiful looking trees in the fall weather. It’s so nice to be able to walk through town or drive down the roads and enjoy those sugar maple fall colorspinks, yellows, and oranges that the trees in the area produce.One of the best parts of being in a state like this one is that everyone can achieve a similar look for their own yards. So when it comes to enjoying fall colors, you can do it while you sip your coffee on the back porch, or while you watch your children play with your pets.

If you want to enjoy some new colors, consider planting some of these trees:

The Rock Maple

Whether you know this tree as a Rock Maple or a Hard Maple, both names refer to the same plant. This tree is commonly used in breakfast foods…that’s right, it produces the all-American favorite maple syrup. If this tree is planted in your yard, you’ll never have to spend a dime on maple syrup for your breakfast again! You and your family will be able to enjoy all the waffles and pancakes you like. When looking around for this tree, you won’t often find it in parks. You’ll have to ask around, but once you find it, you’ll have a rare tree right in your back yard!

The Sugar Maple

This tree has more than a cutesy name to offer to a yard. When you were a kid, you likely remember trying to run around catching those yellowish, brown helicopters that fell from these trees. They create fun games for kids in the fall, food for surrounding wild life, and even flowers in the summer time. This is one tree that you are able to enjoy the benefits of all year long, no matter the season. The light grey bark on this tree also makes it aesthetically pleasing in any season.white blossoms on a cherry tree

The Black Cherry

This is another floral tree that many people enjoy admiring. The technical name for this tree is Prunus Serotina, which is equally as beautiful as the white, snow-like flowers that this produces. When it comes to providing something, this tree actually grows berries in clusters. While they are unlike common berries you’ll find at the grocery store, they are a purple-black color, almost like a blackberry.

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