Protect Your East Coast Home This Fall From Pests

Protect Your East Coast Home This Fall From Pests

Fall is in the air and everyone is getting their yards ready for winter. You already know that fall is the time to get your yard ready for spring but did you also know that fall is a time of pests. Yes, fall is full of creepy-crawly pests that are in search of a warm place to spend the winter. Usually, insects and rodents will find a place in nature such as under a rock, a hollow tree, or burrow underground. But as we humans encroach into their territory, homes start to look a little more welcoming than a damp old log. If you haven’t taken the time to inspect your Rhode Island home recently then you could be inviting these fall pests over to spend the winter with you.

Asian Lady Beetle

Asian lady beetles are not native to the U.S. even though they resemble the humble ladybug. These pests were actually introduced to control pests themselves. They were brought to the U.S. from Asia to help defend American agriculture from pests such as aphids. The beetles did so well here that their population exploded and they can be found almost anywhere in the country. They only become a pest in the fall when they gather on sunny sides of buildings and invade homes.

Boxelder Bugs

Another common sight on your windows in the fall is the boxelder bug. These bugs are hardly seen in the summer because they live way up in box elder trees. When cooler temperatures arrive here in Rhode Island, the boxelder bugs retreat from their perches and seek out a place to spend the winter. They can fit through small cracks in windows and gaps under doors so make sure your home is sealed properly.

Fall Armyworm

Armyworms are notorious destroyers of lawns in the fall. In fact, they are a very big problem this year. Armyworms are the larvae of a moth that lays its eggs on the undersides of leaves in the spring. By the end of the summer, they hatch and become mobile, and start causing the most damage to your lawn. Fall armyworms feast on all grass types, but the extent of the damage depends on the type of grass.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Another fall pest is the stink bug. Famous for its foul order when squashed, the stink bug is usually found in gardens hiding under watermelons, pumpkins, and the undersides of leaves.

When you find them in your house, use a vacuum to suck them up and empty the bag outside afterward

How to Keep Pests Out Of Your Rhode Island Home This Fall

It might seem like an impossible task to keep bugs out of your home but there is a lot you can do.

Seal Your Doors and Windows
As homes age windows and doors tend to warp and bend. This can create small gaps that can allow all sorts of pests in. Consider installing a door sweep on your doors to make sure gaps are sealed and caulk around windows to make sure no bugs can sneak in.

Clean Out Your Gutters
Homeowners often overlook their gutters when doing their fall checklists. Your gutters provide an important service to your home but they can become clogged by fall leaves and other debris. This can cause water to remain in the gutters and attract all sorts of nasty pests. When these pests are living so close to your roof, it’s only a matter of time before they find a small crack in your vents or trim and make their way inside. These can include beetles, spiders, and even rodents.

Check Your Screens
We all love to turn off the AC and open our windows in the fall. But if your screens are not in good repair you could be letting pests right into your home. The tiniest rip or tear can be a gateway for mosquitoes to get into your home. Before you open your windows to the fall air make sure you have inspected and repaired all of your windows.

Keep Firewood and Debris Away From Your Home

Insects love dark, damp areas like piles of leaves left on the lawn, mulch, grass clippings, and piles of wood. This is why we stress raking your lawn. It’s not just healthy for your grass but it prevents these piles of debris from being homes to rats, mice, and insects. As for your woodpile, make sure it is kept at least twenty feet away from your home and only bring wood into your home that you plan on placing directly onto a fire. Do not store outside wood inside your home or you will soon find insects abandoning the wood for your warm comfy furniture.

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