How to Prevent Weed From Overtaking Your Rhode Island Lawn

How to Prevent Weed From Overtaking Your Rhode Island Lawn

There they are again. No matter what you do or how much you mow, those ugly, irritating weeds are back—staring at you—taunting you. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here in the Northeast, with our warm, humid summers and cool, snowy winters, we see our share of weeds. And boy do they seem to pop up faster than you can pull them. However, with a few lawn care tips and proper weed management, you can still achieve a well-manicured lawn. Your friends at 4-Evergreen are here to tell you how.

Where Do Weeds Come From?

Well, they don’t just appear, although it often feels that way. In the spring, weeds come from seeds that have already landed on the ground. They lie dormant over the winter, and when the temperatures are ripe, they germinate. Unfortunately, weeds grow faster than grass. Therefore they begin to crowd out your lawn before you’ve had a chance to blink. The best way to avoid this from happening? Eliminate them before they have a chance to take root in your yard.

Apply Pre-Emergent Weed Control Early

Using a pre-emergent weed control is one of the most important and effective steps you can take in the war against weeds. You will want to use pre-emergent in early spring before soil temperatures reach 55 degrees and above consistently.  A pre-emergent is activated in the top layer of your soil, where the seeds sprout, thus stopping them from germinating. It will allow your grass to thicken up and get it ready for fertilizer. A thick, healthy lawn is better able to resist any future weeds from growing.

Post-Emergent for Hard to Control Weeds

No matter how much pre-emergent you use or how hard you try, seeds are little buggers that find their way into our soil regardless of our efforts. This is where post-emergent comes in. There are many different types of post-emergents on the market targeted for specific weeds in specific types of grasses. It’s important that if you do this yourself, you identify your weeds and follow the instructions on the product.

One weed in particular that tends to drive residents and businesses crazy here in the Northeast is crabgrass. You’ve probably seen this fast-growing weed sprouting alongside your driveway, in sidewalk cracks, and in your garden beds. According to the University of Rhode Island, one crabgrass plant can produce 150,000 seeds. Other common weeds Found in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts include:

Other ways to help combat these evil plants are to irrigate properly and mow regularly.

Irrigate Properly

A thick, strong, healthy lawn can go a long way in preventing weeds from growing. Your turf is better able to resist weeds, disease, and insect infestations when it is strong and in good condition. Weed seeds need adequate sunlight to germinate. A thick carpet of grass will block the sunlight and prevent them from it. Follow proper irrigation techniques and help keep your lawn strong. Water deeply two to three times a week. Water in the morning to allow enough time for the grass to dry.

Utilize the screwdriver test to see if your soil is dry. All you have to do is take a screwdriver and stick it into the grass. If the soil is dry, it will be difficult to push it into the ground.

Proper Mowing Techniques

You should aim to mow the lawn whenever it grows to be more than three inches tall and never cut it shorter than two inches. Doing so will allow it to retain moisture and better able to resist weeds.

For a Healthy, Robust, Weed-Free Lawn, Contact the Professionals at 4-Evergreen

Why suffer trying to figure out how to control the weeds in your backyard on your own. Figuring out which specific post-emergent products are right for the precise weeds can be challenging and time-consuming. Let the professional lawn care technicians at 4-Evergreen, who have the experience and skills necessary, handle your outdoor property. They will do so in the only way they know-how, carefully and compassionately. Our flagship lawn care program offers pre-emergent needed to help prevent weeds and the required post-emergent for all broadleaf weed control. It also contains the necessary balanced fertilizer to help create a thick, lush lawn better able to stand up to and fight off weeds.

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