How To Keep Deer Out Of Your Rhode Island Gardens

As we enter the new year, it is time to start thinking about and planning our garden. One thing we shouldn’t overlook is defending your garden against pests such as rabbits and deer. Anyone who has had a garden before knows how devastating deer can be to vegetables, small trees, and shrubs. We love our deer in Rhode Island. We just love them away from our gardens. To help you keep hungry deer out of your lawn and garden, follow these helpful hints. 

Plant Deer Resistant Plants

When deer get in your garden, it’s almost as if they eat everything in their path. However, there are plants that deer will avoid. Planting these plants amongst your vegetables could protect them from hungry deer. Some common deer-resistant plants are:

  • Lavender
  • Onions
  • Foxglove
  • Lamb’s ears 
  • Thyme

Keep Fruit Trees and Ornamentals Close to Your House

In Rhode Island, springtime is when deer are most active. Coincidentally, it’s also the time of year that all of our plants are at their most vulnerable stage. This is especially true for our fruit trees. In the spring, female deer are in constant search of food for their newborn fawns. To keep deer from munching on your valuable fruit trees, plant them closer to your house. Deer are more cautious about coming near buildings.

Plant Clover

Deer love the smell and taste of clover over anything growing in your garden. If you have a big enough yard or use flower pots, you can plant some clover away from your garden. This will keep them away from your garden and their bellies full.

Make Some Noise With Chimes

Deer are very skittish creatures that will jump at the slightest movement or noise. If you are having trouble with deer wandering into your Rhode Island yard at night, try hanging a few wind chimes around your garden and yard. The noise will hopefully keep the deer away for a while, but deer are smart and will get used to the noise and then ignore it altogether after a while. Therefore, you shouldn’t rely on wind chimes alone, but they could be combined with other methods.  

Use a Radio

Many gardeners swear by using a radio to deter hungry deer. All you need is a battery-powered portable radio or a long extension cord and something to protect it from rain and moisture. Set the station to whatever you like, but anything with people talking will work. Deer will hear the voices think someone is nearby, and move away.

Maintain Your Rhode Island Landscape

Don’t make your yard an inviting place for deer. Tall grass can tempt deer into bedding down for the night or resting in the day. Many of us wait until the last minute to mow our lawns but by then it could already be frequented by deer. If the grass is tall enough, deer can even have their fawns there. So be sure to keep your Rhode Island lawn maintained, mowed, and cut back densely planted areas to make them less desirable.

Put Up A Fence Around Your Rhode Island Garden

One of the best ways to secure your garden from deer and other pests is by putting up a fence. Fences can be an expensive option, but they can guarantee that deer can’t get in, provided that you build the fence high enough. A fence at least seven feet high is ideal. Deer can judge how high a barrier is just from looking at it, so do not use a top rail that deer can see to calculate their jumps. 

Protect Your Rhode Island Garden With Deer and Rabbit Repellent From 4everGreen

If you are having trouble with nosey deer ruining your garden and trees then call the professionals at 4everGreen Turf Management. We use EverguardDeer and Rabbit Repellent, designed and used by our commercial spray service, to keep pesky deer away from your garden.

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