Organic Lawn Care: A Natural Choice

Organic Lawn Care: A Natural Choice

When you want to give your lawn the very best, organic products are a natural choice. After all, our Rhode Island yards and lawns aren’t just pretty to look at; they do a world of good for us, too! They provide space for our children and pets to play. They reduce pollution and carbon dioxide levels from the air we breathe. They even muffle the sounds of traffic and other city noise! When your lawn does this much for you, you want to return the favor. That’s why 4everGreen offers our 100% Organic Lawn Care program, a “green” package in every sense of the word. While the December chill has us dreaming of warmer weather, there’s no better time to make a plan for next spring’s lawn. Here are three reasons you should consider making the switch to more natural fertilizers and treatments.

Better for your loved ones

It’s hard to beat a crisp Rhode Island afternoon, watching your children and pets play in piles of leaves and run barefoot through the grass. Enjoy these moments with the comfort of knowing that you have given your family – and your grass – the very best! Organic fertilizers and pesticides are gentle on your skin and your lungs. They also allow you to get back to enjoying the fun of your lawn quickly!

Natural products are much gentler on kids and pets alike. They don’t have as many of the negative health side effects that can come from a more chemical-based option. With organic lawn fertilizers, you get to enjoy a lush lawn with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are choosing the best for your family’s wellness.

Better for the environment

Your yard isn’t just a part of your property. It is a part of a larger ecosystem. How you take care of it impacts not just your home, but your community as well. The products you treat your lawn with are ultimately absorbed through the soil and can leach into your area’s groundwater supply. This can damage the quality of the water you use to bathe or drink. This can also kill off beneficial microorganisms that live in the dirt.

When you make the choice to use organic fertilizers, you are protecting the environment from pollution and helping care for Mother Earth. Natural products are more easily assimilated into the soil and don’t have the damaging after-effects of synthetic fertilizers.

Better for your lawn

When you choose a healthy diet, you are investing in your wellness and longevity. The same can be said for using natural products to treat your yard.
Switching to organic products builds a healthier lawn from the inside out. Natural fertilizers not only increase your soil’s organic matter, but they also release nutrients slowly over time. This improves the dirt’s long term nutrition and overall quality. It promotes increased soil life and fertility. It even helps maintain moisture and reduce compaction. Organic lawn care means your lawn will be operating at its best year-round, not just after it’s been treated.

Make the switch

Beat the rush that is sure to come with warmer weather and make your switch to organic this winter! Our specialists at 4everGreen are experts in natural fertilizers and will work to give you a yard that is the envy of the neighborhood.

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