Rhode Island’s Most Beautiful Summer Trees

Rhode Island’s Most Beautiful Summer Trees

Our state is full of incredible colors and intensely beautiful trees, some of which you may not even know the names of, but you notice as you are driving through your neighborhoods or down the side of the highway. In this state, trees can be incredible to know about, especially if you want to add them to your yard.

The Red MapleA red maple tree

This tree is Rhode Island’s state tree, so it could already be familiar to you. The Red Maple can be found throughout the entire state because of its seed’s ability to be passed around by the wind and grow in any area, even empty lots or places where humans aren’t occupying. They are significant to their environment because they feed the animals around them.

Eastern White Pine 

It’s found to be one of the most frequent trees in the state, and often the first to find the strength to grow and occupy open fields. The Eastern White Pine grows up to three feet in one year! Can you imagine if humans grew that quickly after they turned five years old? It would be nuts.

The Scarlet Oak

With a name like this, the Scarlet Oak is bound to be beautiful. It’s found throughout our state, and it’s up there with one of the most commonly seen trees. It can grow up to 80 feet in height, although 50 to 60 feet is considered full maturity for this tree.

White Oak 

The White Oak is considered one of the oldest trees in the entire state. These types of trees are not going to be as common when you are strolling through residential areas or even areas with businesses. This is a tree that prefers a quiet, open space to grow. The White Oak is commonly utilized for wood use, but it targets gypsy moths so they can be infected easily.

Northern Red Oak 

Like the White Pine, the Northern Red Oak is prominent in the area as well. This one is specifically sought after because of its use for furniture. The Northern Red Oak also grows acorns and can reproduce easily, even when their stump has been damaged.

Black Oak

This tree can be found in Kentucky frequently as well as in Rhode Island. This particular tree needs a ton of sunlight and won’t be able to thrive in shade. The Black Oak tree can grow up to 100 feet and are about three and a half feet in diameter when fully grown. But this tree is extremely sensitive, and any extended period of shade or overwatering can wipe this tree out.

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