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How often should we have our lawn limed?

Generally in Rhode Island, once every 2 years is adequate at 50 lbs. per 1,000 square foot. A maintenance level of lime can be applied annually at lower rates.


Do you treat for fleas and ticks?

Yes, we have a customized program, depending on your needs and your property, we offer 1-5 applications.


Should I mulch when I cut?

By all means mulch as often as possible provided you are not leaving clumps of grass on the lawn. This may require you to double cut or to cut more often.


This does not add to your thatch layer and will keep your lawn greener longer.


When should I core-aerate and seed?

This procedure should be done in the fall from about Labor Day through late October.


Core-aeration relieves compaction, manages thatch, improves root grown, and prepares the turf for over seeding. Fall is the best time to seed with warm days and cool nights and regular rainfall, results are far better than in the spring.


My lawn was cut today after your application, will this ruin my treatment?

No, it is not possible for even commercial mowers to remove enough product to affect their performance.


If ever there is not enough color or response as a result of this, service calls are always free.


It rained after your service today, will this affect my treatment?

Rain will not affect granular treatments as they need to be watered in for effectiveness anyway.


As for liquid weed sprays, as long as they have 1 hour of drying time, they should be fully effective.


Will snow or leaves affect my treatment?

No, when the snow melts it will have the same result as rain.


Light to moderate leaf coverings will not affect your applications performance, however, they should be removed as often as possible before damage to the turf occurs from lack of light and air.


Why do I have so many mushrooms?

Mushrooms are caused by decaying organic matter in the soil, coupled with high moisture and high humidity levels at night.


As weather conditions change, mushroom activity subsides. No chemicals are needed and the mushrooms are harmless to your turf. DO NOT STOP WATERING.


Why is my grass thin in the shade?

All plants need sunlight to grow and survive. Shade lawns are always thinner. Even though there are shade varieties of grass seed available, they don’t perform as well as full sun varieties.


Try pruning up plants and trees as much as possible to improve sunlight and air movement. Over seeding may be needed annually or every other year to help maintain density.


Can I cancel my contract at any time?

Absolutely. The contract is non-binding and your services can be discontinued at any time. Simply call or write our office to notify us of your intentions




Here are some proper mowing tips:

(1) Mow frequently. (2) Keep your blade sharp. (3) Remove no more than 1/3 of the plant at each mowing. (4) Water-in application prior to mowing your lawn.


Water or rain

During dry periods, a lawn may require as much a 1 1/2" of water per week. Best results are attained when the soil is damp to the depth of 4 to 6 inches after watering.


Water in the morning thoroughly as needed to meet your lawn moisture requirements.



We know the growing needs of your lawn. By developing an annual timetable for nutrition, we provide your lawn with balanced slow release fertilizations with micro nutrients.



Please keep your children and pets off the lawn for 24 hours following each service and thoroughly water-in prior to re-entry.

*Please remove posted signs in 24 hours

Your lawn will be given personal attention

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