Fighting Off Those Pesky Pests – Spring Pest Control Actions

There are so many things that can get in the way of your spring and summer activities. There are one or two things that specifically stand out, though when you think of something getting in your way when it is the season to spend time outside. Pests, pests, and more pests! 


No one is interested in running around even the most beautiful of yards when there are gnats, ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, etc. running around with you. Especially when these pests eat tick bite on skinyour garden, ruin your lawn, and carry scary diseases that have no vaccines or cure. These diseases can even target you and your family — even your pets. 


There are a number of actions that you can take when it comes to pest control. There’s a few do it yourself options, there are a few short term options, and there are professional options that last a little bit longer. We here at 4everGreen can teach you how!


Do It Yourself Solutions

You may have heard of people pushing essential oils, and while they might not be so great for the inside of your home, the outside of your home can benefit from them. The essential oils that can be most helpful in at-home pest control are lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus. For the best option, you can mix these and create a natural repellent. While this is a short term, one-time option, it might be helpful to save one person from being eaten alive by mosquitoes or getting a tick bite. 


Short Term Solutions

Sometimes we have a one-time event like a graduation party or a backyard barbeque, or even a simple wedding. These are fun, outdoor events, and your guests will have more fun if gnats and mosquitoes are not swarming them. For this, you’ll want to spray pest control treatments around your entire yard. This should include the whole turf, the garden, trees, and shrubs as well. Think of it like this: any space people are going to be sitting or gathering will need some sort of treatment to keep your guests happy and comfortable enough to focus on the big event. 


Long Term Solutions

As you have probably come to learn as a home or business owner, a one-time spray is not going to kill or halt every bug or mosquito in its tracks, and even if it does, it will definitely outdoor backyard partynot last all summer. Anyone’s best option is to treat their property for pest control at least four times, but preferably six times, throughout the warm season. 


These treatment applications are most effective if they begin as early as one pest shows up, and spread out through late spring, early summer, late summer, early fall, or even late fall. A lot of people give up on pest control options as soon as Labor Day hits, but who wants to have a bonfire party when there are mosquitoes waiting to feast on you like you are feasting on s’mores? A treatment in mid-fall can really help improve the quality of the little outdoor time you have left before winter hits. 


Calling 4everGreen for Professional, Long Term Solutions 

We know that it can be hard to take action against pests and reclaim your outdoor living spaces, that’s why 4everGreen has equipped themselves with the best pest control treatments and the most knowledgeable team members to ensure you and your family or guests can enjoy the time they spend outside knowing you are protected. 


You can reach out to us by the internet on our contact page, or you can give us a call at 401-398-8850. If you are into social media, you can find us on Facebook to learn some more about our services. 

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