Top Reasons to Fertilize Your Lawn All Season Long

Spring is in the air, which means it’s the time when everyone is thinking about fertilizing their lawns for the season. Spring’s the time when your lawn has a chance to shine and you have a chance to show off your property. That harsh winter snow has finally melted, but it may have left behind some dry, unattractive parts of your lawn. 

Each lawn requires different needs to grow and develop into the wonderful green lawn that you are hoping it will. Getting a head start on the actions that will let your lawn grow into the one you have always dreamt will be one of the best decisions you make regarding your lawn care this spring. Being sure about how to properly tackle your lawn care needs is something you will learn about in this blog. 

We’ll get into the reasons why preventive measures are the best measures, what you can do throughout the season, and why choosing organic fertilizer can be the best and most effective option for your lawn. Yard with landscaping

Taking Every Preventative Measure 

Who wants to deal with a problem once it’s already gotten out of hand? Most people tend to wait for this point before they realize they have some serious lawn care to do something about. Laying down a good base of preventative weed fertilizer and anti-grub control fertilizer can be one of the most effective ways to ensure your lawn will not become overgrown this spring. 

Season Long Lawn Care 

While it might be tempting to throw some fertilizer down once or twice at the beginning of spring and call it a day, it is crucial to think about what that means for your lawn long-term. This particular approach to lawn care might have your lawn looking great at the beginning of the season, but if you take a closer look throughout the summer, it can be a totally different story. 

Lawn care doesn’t stop at watering regularly, and while that’s important, it’s not everything. Ensuring that your lawn is taken care of during the whole year contributes to the health of your lawn more than anything else. 

This type of care should include weed control, grub control, and crabgrass control fertilizers. These can be followed by winterizing treatments to be extra sure that your lawn will be ready to bloom again for spring after the winter weather hits it hard. Fertilizer being spread by hand

Reasons to Go Organic 

Contrary to popular belief, all fertilizer treatments are not equal! Organic fertilizer can contribute so much more to the long-term health of your turf and soil. Going organic allows your grass to thrive from the roots to the tips. It can be preventative but not allowing your lawn to absorb too much water, but also restorative, allowing your lawn to create again those nutrients it definitely lost in the winter. 

4everGreen Has a Program for You! 

While we can help you gain the knowledge to understand what your turf needs, it can be a lot easier with the help of the experts. We know our field well and we are here to help you. At 4everGreen, we have several different programs to target the unique needs of your grass because we know not every lawn is the same. To schedule an appointment or reach us for a consultation, you can find us here or by phone at 401-398-8850. We’re also on social media! You can find us on Facebook and learn more information about us.

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